Anil Maheshwari   (अनिल माहेश्वरी)

Professor & Graduate Director
5302 Herzberg Laboratories
School of Computer Science
Carleton University

1125 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa,
ON K1S 5B6,  Canada

Phone: + 1-613 - 520 - 2600 Ext. 3907

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COMP 5703   COMP 3801    

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A Textbook for Introduction to Theory of Computation
Topics in Algorithm Design

Upcoming Events:
3rd CALDAM (Goa, February 2017)

Research Interests
Design, analysis, and implementation of  algorithms:
My main interest is in all sorts of algorithmic problems in computational geometry and graph theory. I am interested in sequential, parallel, distributed, multi-core,  external memory, big and small data algorithms for problems which fit within the framework of the design and analysis of algorithms.  

Discrete Mathematics: All sorts of discrete math problems - problems in graph theory, combinatorics, building discrete structures, finding applications in other fields.

I am also interested in developing innovative ways to teach  Mathematics to School Age Children, especially designing material on the web.

Also check this web-page for the seminars in our group and I am interested in most of these topics.

Have a look into my publications and this will give some ideas on my research interests.

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