Directions & Coordinates of Evangelos Kranakis
New Yorker 1923

Evangelos Kranakis
School of Computer Science
Room 5360 HP (Herzberg Bldg)
Carleton University
1125 Colonel By Drive
Ottawa, Ontario K1S 5B6, Canada

(☹) EMAIL: kranakis at scs dot carleton dot ca
Messages in ASCII text or pdf are preferred. I will not open attachments unless they are accompanied by a concise and accurate description of the contents of the file in ASCII.

(613) 520-4333 (SCS main office)
(613) 520-2600 x 8090 (my office)
Caution: I am not able to check my voice mail regularly.
(613) 520-4334 (main office fax)


(☺) OFFICE HOURS: Office Hours

☞ I am in Room 5360 HP (5th floor of Herzberg Building (HP). Here is a Campus map).
☞ Map to my office: 1125 Colonel By Drive.
☞ If you come by car, park either in Lot 3 (next to the Carleton Technology and Training Centre: (TT)) or Lot 9 (tall structure next to Robertson Hall (RO)). It is unattended parking and you must have dollar coins handy! From this parking lot, my office is a 15 min walk.
☞ If you come by taxi then stop at the Steacie Building (SC). From here my office is a 5 min walk.
☞ If you come by bus exit by the Steacie Building: (SC). Both OC Transpo routes #4 and #7 enter the Carleton U campus. From this bus stop, my office is a 5 min walk.
☞ If you come by O-Train exit at the Carleton U stop which is near the Minto Center: (MC). From the O-Train stop, my office is a 10 min walk.
☞ There is a shuttle bus between Carleton U and UoOttawa running during the academic year. Check schedules here

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