Honor Project Guidelines
Getting Started
    In Progress

  1. Michael Donally, Local Clusters.
  2. Nolan Hodge, The Error Within GPS Distance Calculation.
  3. Elyas Syoufi, Remote E-mail Acquisition using Available Browser Sessions.
  4. Philip Klostermann, Time and Energy Trade-offs in evacuating Robots via an Unknown Exit on a Disk.
  5. Devin Savage. Graph Patrolling with Faulty Robots.
  6. Michael Van Dyk, Minimizing the Maximum Sensor Movement for Barrier Coverage of a Line Segment with Disjoint Sub-Intervals.
  7. Fan Zhang, Simulation of the Modular Clock Algorithm for Distributed Blind Rendezvous.
  8. Andrew Otsuki. Creating a Minimum Viable Blockchain.
  9. Owen MacWilliam. Private Social Network Model For Risk Reduction of Location and Identity Sharing
  10. Kevin Mason, A survey on Search and Rescue Strategies Utilizing Robot Swarms.
  11. Jasmin Mehic, Improving Password-Guessing by Generating Personalized Target Profiles.
  12. Dongfeng Gu, A Survey of Approaches in Oblivious Rendezvous
  13. Ransheng Lu, Efficient Algorithms for Characteristic Wireless Power Transfer Problems in Sensor Networks
  14. Aziz Alahmdi, On Weighted Rooted Tree.
  15. Mathew Scott Collins, Max-Flow and Min Cut by Circular Zone Failures Between Protected Communication Endpoints Applied to Geographically Based Networks.
  16. Tianwei Zhang, Scalable and Reliable Search Mechanism for Unstructured P2P Networks.
  17. Josh Brach, Elastic Collisions of Particles on a One Dimensional Domain with Unrestricted Masses.
  18. Evan Huus, Knowledge in Rendezvous of Agents with Different Speeds
  19. Sylvia Zhao, Counting in Anonymous Dynamic Networks: An Experimental Perspective
  20. Qi Zhang, Barrier Coverage in Camera Sensor Networks
  21. Andrew Soknaski, Various Ways of Detecting Sybil Attacks
  22. Yunus Ozserver, Distributed Coloring Depending on the Chromatic Number or the Neighborhood Growth
  23. Jing Zhang, Efficient Cardinality Estimation in Wireless Sensor Networks
  24. Ahmed Kaisar, Distributed Geometric Distance Estimation in Ad Hoc Networks
  25. Wiktor Kula, Algorithms and Techniques For Protein Structure Prediction.
  26. Chen Xi, Location leaks on the GSM air interface
  27. Jean-Benoit Aubin, Accountability of Sequence Numbers
  28. Mike Austin. Suitability of FM Radio Signals for Use in Private Proximity Testing.
  29. Emmannuelle McCullough-Murray, Bitcoin: A Sustainable Example of Cryptographic, Decentralized Currency?
  30. Yunpeng Liu, Triangle Localization Algorithm Based on Received Signal Strength Indication.
  31. Rakhim Davletkaliyev. Solving classical problems in computational molecular biology using distributed computing and web-technologies
  32. Jing Li, Using Spatial Cloaking Algorithm to Protect Location Privacy
  33. Saken Khudaibergenov, Mobile Sink Routing Problem
  34. Jin Zhuo. Using Algorithms to Solve Key Distribution Problem. Dec 2010.
  35. Elmunir Elgajiji. An Algorithmic Approach to Geographic Routing in Sensor Networks. Dec 2010.
  36. Seyyed Sajjadpour, Fuzzy Keyword search over Encrypted Data in Cloud Computing. August 2010.
  37. Cai Yangyang, Cluster Based Routing in Socially Selfish Delay Networks. August 2010.
  38. Qiuliang Tang, Protecting Sender-Location Privacy and Receiver-Location Privacy in Wireless Sensor Networks. August 2010.
  39. Dongchao Chen, Uncoordinated FHSS Anti-Jamming Communication. April 2010.
  40. Yaozhong Sun, Implementing the EAD Algorithm for Distributed Dynamic Storage in Wireless Systems, August 2009.
  41. Leung Ah Kang, Pak Him, Cross-Site Scripting (CSS) Attacks and Countermeasures, April 2009.
  42. Mohammed Rashid, Localization in Sparse Networks Using Sweeps, December 2008.
  43. Brenda Mohan, Location Verification in Wireless Networks, August 2007.
  44. Liming Hu, Exploration and Implementation of Active Cookies, August 2007.
  45. Fei Fei Wang, Pseudoknots and RNA Secondary Structures, August 2007.
  46. Mike Radzichowsky, Exploration of Techniques to Combat Low-Rate TCP Targeted DoS Attacks, Augustl 2007.
  47. Dave Gaffney, Clone Detection in Sensor Networks : A Survey, August 2007.
  48. Gregory Wolgemuth, Providing Linux Distribution Updates through Bittorrent, April 2007.
  49. Andrew Price, Embedded Collection of Vehicular Sensor Data, April 2007.
  50. Xibin Liu, Comparative Study of Algorithms for Boundary Recognition in Wireless Sensor Networks, April 2007.
  51. Todd Switzer, Network Time Zone Discovery and Applications, April 2007.
  52. Yu Zeng, A New Challenge to P2P File Sharing Networks: Free Riding, April 2007.
  53. Shuai Tan, Implementation of a Reputation System for Peer-to-Peer Networks, April 2007.
  54. Shusen Zhang, Content-Based Publish-Subscribe Systems in P2P Networks, December 2006.
  55. Eldai El Sayr, Routing with Uncertainty in the Position of the Destination in Ad Hoc Networks, December 2006.
  56. Xiofan Yang, P2P Network and its Application with Distributed Hash Tables, December 2006.
  57. Song Qiang Feng, Beacon Based BVR for Wireless Sensor Network, August 2006.
  58. Xiaowei Zhou, Host-Based Intrusion Detection, August 2006.
  59. Wenying Huang, Scalable Overlay Network on P2P Systems, August 2006.
  60. Jianfeng Chen, Mobicast via Face-Aware Routing, August 2006.
  61. Brian Fetter, Potential Concealment of Network Worms via Probe Response Attacks, April 2006.
  62. Yingquan Gong, Simulation of Route Discovery Algorithm in Oriented Planar Geometric Networks. April 2006.
  63. Lance Lau, Selective Target Acquisition Attacks Utilizing Major Internet Infrastructures. April 2006.
  64. Min Lin, Fully Distributed Cluster Based Routing Architecture for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks. April 2006.
  65. Jingxia Liu, Detecting and Locating Rogue Access Points. April 2006.
  66. Guong Nguyen, Quickly Routing Searches without Having to Move Content. April 2006.
  67. John Tang, Theories of Cut Set Computation and a New Algorithm to Enumerate all Minimal Cut Sets of a Graph. April 2006.
  68. Rong Wang, Friends Troubleshooting Network. April 2006.
  69. Joel Nye, Triangulation in Sensor Networks: With Applications in Search and Rescue, December 2005.
  70. Michael Vong, Local SMS messaging to a Mobile Device Routed through Bluetooth, December 2005.
  71. Farzana Mowla, A Study and Analysis of Proxy Re-encryption Schemes with Applications to Secure Distributed Storage, December 2005.
  72. Qu Shan, Re-key and Storage Cost for Secure Group User Revocation, December 2005.
  73. Han Li, P2P Networking Defines the Future for Communication in the Corporation, August 2005.
  74. Owen Marsh, Using BitTorrent to Cost Effectively Address the Effects of Flash Crowds, August 2005.
  75. Ke Li, Security of Hash Functions, August 2005.
  76. Chao Zhan, A Survey of Scalable Search in P2P Networks, August 2005.
  77. Xiaoju Ji, Distributed DoS Attack and Defense Mechanisms and Evaluation of Router Based Packet Filtering, August 2005.
  78. Kai Huang, WiseMAC: an Ultra Low Power MAC Protocol for Multi-hop Wireless Sensor Networks, August 2005.
  79. Robert Fortier, Port Lockset, August 2005.
  80. Gordon Lo, Fair Content Sharing of P2P Resources, April 2005.
  81. Toan Nguyen, Implementatiom of Efficient Data Collection Trees in Sensor Nerworks with Redundancy Removal, April 2005.
  82. Kevin Wong, Gossip Algorithms for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks, April 2005.
  83. Yu Han, Distance Optimization and Load Balancing on a P2P Content Distribution Network, December 2004.
  84. Getached Woldeyey, Scalable and Continuous Media Streaming in P2P networking, December 2004.
  85. Tanya Chernyaeva, Efficient Search in Self-Organizing Structured P2P Systems. August 2004.
  86. Ryan Dadswell, Nemesis: An Anonymous Secure and Fair P2P Network. August 2004.
  87. William D'Arbelles, Incentives for Cooperation in P2P Systems. August 2004.
  88. Maryam Daraibaf, Testing C Programs for Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities. August 2004.
  89. Mike Gardiner, Trusted Decentralized Messaging. August 2004.
  90. Chi Fung Lo, Timed-Release Cryptography, August 2004.
  91. Shiva Poursina, Multi Level Security (MLS): Problems and Solutions Proposed. August 2004.
  92. Ting Ting Yan, Design the Secure Kerberos Protocol with Authenticated Encryption August 2004.
  93. Rika Ajar, SPAM Filtering Techniques: Statistical Approach vs Encapsulation of Policies in Email Addresses, January 2004.
  94. Doug Devries, Evaluating a Method to Support Non-GPS Equipped Nodes in a Network, April 2004.
  95. Michael Imbrogno, Deepseek: A Structured P2P Information Retrieval Service, April 2004.
  96. Matthew Ostime, Sensing Structural Changes with Wireless Networks, April 2004.
  97. Clint Paget, Protecting Software from Malicious Hosts: A Unified Approach. April 2004.
  98. Matthew Prince, Minimum Energy Broadcasting in Wireless Adhoc Networks: Comparative Analysis and Simulation. April 2004.
  99. Eduardo Ramos, Active Worm Propagation: Modeling and Analysis, April 2004.
  100. Ken Tso, Buffer Overflow: Analysis, Attacks and Defences. April 2004.
  101. Tian Yuan, An Innovative Way of Searching in P2P Networks, April 2004.
  102. Nabeela Ali, Peer-to-Peer Network and Availabilty, December 2003.
  103. Adam Aggour, Protocols for Certified Electronic Mail, April 2003.
  104. Qi Deng, High Availability Platform of On-line Lottery System, April 2003.
  105. Andy Gullins, Secure Distributed Instant Messaging, April 2003.
  106. Huyn-Chung (Grace) Jo, Image Based Password Systems, April 2003.
  107. Nikos Kafenzakis, WEP Attack: An Analysis and Simulation, April 2003.
  108. Nolan MacAfee, An In-Depth Look at Bluetooth, April 2003.
  109. Rob Manor, Tweekable Block Ciphers, April 2003.
  110. Greg Mitchel, A Comparative Security Analysis of Cable and DSL Internet Access Technologies, April 2003.
  111. Trung Mai, Web Network Characteristics, December 2002.
  112. Ngoc Nhi Do, Building Secure Channels with Universal Composition of Key Exchange Protocols, September 2002.
  113. Meijuan Zhu, Development of Simulation Engine for Location Management in Infrastructure Wireless Networks, August 2002.
  114. Xuejun Zhang, Research in Clustering Technique on Web Searching Engines, August 2002.
  115. Darryl Pinto, Comparison Study of Intra-Domain Routing Protocols, April 2002.
  116. Ayla Khan, Security of 802.11 LANs, April 2002.
  117. Hua Li, Overview of Dynamic Packet Transport Technology, April 2002.
  118. Suguru Kanbayashi, QoS and The Next Generation Internet, April 2002.
  119. Guoming Wei, Simulation of Tunneling and Routing Optimization in Mobile IP, April 2002.
  120. John Duffy, The Source of Insecurity for 802.11 Networks: The Wired Equivalent Protocol, Dec 2001.
  121. Andrew McCormack, Lifting Elliptic Curves and Points for the Xedni Calculus Algorithm, Dec 2001 (co-supervised with Saban Alaca).
  122. Kieu Kim Huynh, Handover Scheme in Bluetooth Networks, December 2001.
  123. Doc Duy Do, Optimal Frame Transmission over Continuous Media Streams, December 2001.
  124. Thanh Pham, Virtual Private Network, December 2001.
  125. Han-Yuen Ong, Distributed Instant Messaging, December 2000.
  126. Ting Li, Recent Advances in Gigabit Networks, August 2000.
  127. Bao-Luan Nguyen, Component Based Technologies: A New Way of Building Applications. August 2000.
  128. Jason Ramsay, Elliptic Curve Cryptosystems: From Theory to Implementation, August 2000 (co-supervised with Saban Alaca).
  129. Tyler Tidman, A Study of Security in Online Elections, August 2000.
  130. Andrew Belo, Object Based Protection in Public Key Infrastructure, April 2000.
  131. Amy Lin, A Study on Access Protocol for Multihop Radio Network, April 2000.
  132. Dimitri Nekrasovski, Electronic Cash Payement Systems, April 2000.
  133. Hui An Nguyen, Voice over IP Networks, April 2000.
  134. Nguyen Ha Phung Tran, ATM Switch Design Principles, April 2000.
  135. Dana Webber, Autosurf, April 2000.
  136. Ivan Wallis, Secure Course Management System, April 2000.
  137. Jayamthy Balasingham, Smart Card: A Detail Analysis, Dec 1999.
  138. Oanh Thuy Le, Random Number Generation and Applications Using Random Numbers, Dec 1999.
  139. Steve Rycroft, Asynchronous Network Discovery Using ICMP and SNMP, June 1999.
  140. Jeyanthi Hall, Web-Based Implementation of Electronic Commerce, May 1999.
  141. Jiang Wang, Survey on Mobile IP, May 1999.
  142. Khoi Tan Doan, TCP Congestion Control Algorithms, May 1999.
  143. Bruce Hastie, Java Security on the Web, May 1999.
  144. David Kantymir, Conference Mail: Gatewaying to Internet Mailing List to a WWW Message Board, August 1998.
  145. Jaison Dolvane, Electronic Payment Systems, April 1998.
  146. Greg Cwintal, Extension Components Development Technique, April 1998.
  147. Renata Urbaniak, Pricing the Internet: Survey of Proposed Solutions, April 1998.
  148. Pino Caracciolo, Security on the Internet, Sep 1997.
  149. Van Nguyen Tran, Design and Performance Analysis of the Packet Radio Network, April, 1997.
  150. Brian Wesley Maither, Electronic Commerce on the Internet: Using Cryptographic Methods to Support Secure Electronic Transactions, April, 1997.
  151. Jason Muise, Design and Applications of Smart Cards, December 1996.
  152. Chiang Tan, Traffic Management and Congestion Control in ATM Networks, April 1996.
  153. Thinh Van Dao, ATM in Broadband Telecommunication, April 1996.
  154. Kin-Cheung (Ken) Chan, Cryptography and Applications, August 1995.
  155. Shaorun Li, Interval Routing Schemes in Communication Networks, Jan 1995.
  156. C. Goodall, LL(1) Parser Generator: Construction and Use, August 1994.
  157. George Jost, Worst-Case Performance of Approximate on Line Algorithms to the Classical Bin-Packing Problem, August 1994.
  158. Min Jing, Self-Stabilization and Wake-up Problem, March 1994.
  159. Laurie Ireland, Businesses Need for Document Management Systems: An Overview, December 1993.
  160. Robin A. S. Sagriff, Berlekamp's Light-Bulb Game, December 1992.