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News items for 2017

1      Most notes have been refreshed.

2      The last 2 assignments have been cancelled.

3      The first 2 are due before the end of term (effectively, you must show that you can build new tables and USE them in your parser/scanner to show they work).

4      Iíve added a folder called "Grammars For Additional Tests" in the existing "SampleGrammars" folder that you can use for further debugging your walk routines.


COMP 3002 Winter 2017

Compiler Construction

Wilf LaLonde
TA's:  Ekaba Bisong and Paul Durham

Assignments: Hand-in (the complete Smalltalk folder) in class via USB memory stick.
Thurs 8:30 am (3 Hours), Tory 240.
Game Lab:
Wed/Thurs 6-9pm


Course Documents and Lecture Materials

Course Materials

Lecture Presentations

Lectures:  Thursday 8:30am (3 hours) Room 240 Tory Building.

Workshop:: TENTATIVE Wed/Thurs 6pm (3 hours or more) Gaming Lab. THE PLACE TO START WORKING ON YOUR ASSIGNMENTS... So bring your laptops. Walk around and see what other students are doing... No actual lectures but I can look over your shoulder to help with doing the assignments; making sure you don't go off on a wrong tangent, help getting unstuck, even doing something outside the course.

Course Work

4 assignments. See 3002.Description.docx and assignment.docx for more details...

Course Direction

Welcome... This course "Comp 3002: Compiler Construction" is a practical course aiming at understanding the details needed for building a compiler.

We are sometimes revise course materials just before lecture presentation times. So up-to-date materials are best obtained afterwards...


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