Miscellaneous Advice on theses:

Some advice on how to organize your thesis (from Prof. John Chinneck, SCE, Carleton).
Some guidelines on PhD thesis scope and structure (from UBC faculty of grad studies)
Thesis elements that may be expected by PhD external examiners (from UBC also)

New Students Looking for a Supervisor:

Please read before sending email (volume precludes responding to all inquiries):
"Will you be my (Master's, PhD) supervisor or post-doctoral host?" and related questions.

Paul Van Oorschot's current PhD students at Carleton (* co-supervised)

AbdelRahman M. Abdou*, Furkan Alaca, Gerardo Reynaga*, Adam Skillen

Masters (MCS): Rebecca Cooper

Past students, graduated (* co-supervised)

Masters: Daniel McCarney (Aug.'13), Carson Brown (Dec.'10)*, David Barrera (Aug.'09), Jennifer Sobey (Sept.'08)*, Tim Furlong (Apr.'07), James Kelly (Aug.'06), M. Mannan (Aug.'05), Glenn Wurster (Apr.'05), Vashek Matyas (Dec.'94)

PhD: David Barrera (Aug.'14), Mansour Alsaleh (Dec.'11), Glenn Wurster (Apr.'10) M. Mannan (Apr.'09), Sonia Chiasson (Jan.'09)*, David Whyte (Sept.'08)*, Julie Thorpe (Jan.'08), Tao Wan (Jan.'06)*, Mike Just (Dec.'98)*

Post-doc: Jeremy Clark (2011-2013), Glenn Wurster (2010), Sonia Chiasson (2009), Tara Whalen (2009), James Muir (2005-2007), Deholo Nali (2005-2007), Hajime (Jim) Inoue* (2005-2007), M. Vargas Martin (Jan.'03-Aug.'04)

Summer RA's: Rebecca Cooper (2014), John Kohnen (2014), Michelle Burrows (undergrad RA, summer/fall 2011)

Last updated: December 24, 2014