Dr. Gerhard Roth

Adjunct Research Professor
Carleton Univesity 
School of Computer Science

 Phone:(613) 993-1219, Fax: (613) 952-0215 
Email: GerhardRoth@rogers.com
WWW: http://www.gerhardroth.ca


  • B.Math (Hons, Computer Science) from the University of Waterloo 
  • Masters of Computer Science from Carleton University, where my advisor was Prof. W. Lalonde. I did work in artificial intelligence and natural language understanding. 
  • Once at NRC I became interested in computer vision, and got a Ph.D. is from EE department of McGill My advisor was Prof. M. Levine who is the head of MCARSIM, a research center for intelligent machines. My research involved the application of evolutionary algorthms and robust statistics to the problem of finding curves and surfaces. 
  • Research Areas

    I am interested in computer vision, computer graphics, gaming and multi-media applications.
  • Current projects 
  • Previous projects 

  • Publications

    This list of publicications along with the PDF or postscript files for some of the publications. 

    Professional Activities

  • I am an adjunct Professor at School of Computer Science of Carleton University. I supervise a number of 4th year projects and gradudate students. My areas of research are computational video, computer vision, gaming and computer graphics.
  • Besides this I teach a course called the Introduction to Computer Vision at Carleton every winter term. If you are a graduate student and want to work with me please contact me. I also supervise fourth-year projects.
  • I was the Co-Chair Of Vision Interface 97 in B.C., and also the program chair of the International Conference On Recent Advances In 3-D Digital Imaging And Modeling 1997 which was held in May 97, In Ottawa. I was the program co-chair of Vision Interace 2001 which was held in Ottawa in June 2002.

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