Terri Oda

Terri on the glass floor of the Calgary tower

I am a PhD student at Carleton University's School of Computer Science. I am a member of the Digital Security Group at Carleton and can often be found in the Carleton Computer Security Lab.

My current research interests are focused on web security with particular emphasis on the problems related to JavaScript. I have also worked with artificial intelligence (especially artificial immune systems and other biologically-inspired solutions), spam (junk email), and computer security. I've also taken a particular interest in learning more about human computer interaction and usability.

My master's thesis looked at using the human immune system as a model for detecting junk email (spam). My papers on the subject, as well as my thesis, can be found on my publications page.

Contact Info

Carleton University, School of Computer Science
1125 Colonel By Drive
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1S 5B6
Email: terri (at) zone12 dot com

My PGP fingerprint is 03BD 3EDC 3B85 AE3D 9905 D0F8 9C1D 5C1B 5C1A 7CC0, and my public key is available here.


I am fortunate to be working with Anil Somayaji.