Enrichment Mini Course Resources (ECMP 211)

This page contains links to materials related to the mini course

Monday, May 3

Tutorial 1: Catch the Clown

Finite State Machines -- Pirate game

Tutorial 2: Maze - Download the zip file and open it to your USB drive; there should be a pdf with instructions inside.

Tutorial 3: Shooter

Tuesday, May 4th

More tutorials from yoyogames.com

Turing Test activity

Brainstorming session for creating your own games.

Wednesday, May 5th
Start your own games!

Some potentially useful tutorials are below. You don't need to do these unless you think they'd be useful for your game.

  1. Big Game Hunter -- rotations while moving and shooting
  2. Other YoYo Games tutorials -- including a platformer tutorial for those of you who want to know how to jump and land on things.
  3. The Game Maker's Apprentice -- we have a copy of this book, which has other image/sound files on CD and other ideas if you want to borrow it.
  4. The Game Maker Wiki -- includes an RPG Guide and other tutorials
  5. This Tower Defense tutorial may be a good introduction to scripting as well.
  6. Video tutorials
Other useful resources:
  1. Open clip art -- free clip art for backgrounds, sprites, etc.
  2. Creative commons content may be useful for your games. Consider taking a look at the photos, music and other content that may be free to use. (Try the Canadian creative commons search engine for more!)
  3. Sound files from video games for more inspiration.
Making art on the computers: Try The Gimp for drawing sprites, or Audacity for recording audio clips.