WADS 2015 Accepted Papers

Sergio Cabello and Pablo Pérez-Lantero. Interval Selection in the Streaming Model
Gerth Stølting Brodal, Jesper Sindahl Nielsen and Jakob Truelsen. Strictly Implicit Priority Queues: On the Number of Moves and Worst-Case Time
Adrian Dumitrescu and Csaba Toth. Convex polygons in geometric triangulations
Wenjun Li, Jianxin Wang, Jianer Chen and Yixin Cao. A 2k-Vertex Kernel for Maximum Internal Spanning Tree
Sergio Cabello and Michael Kerber. Semi-dynamic connectivity in the plane
Takeaki Uno. Constant Time Enumeration by Amortization
Ke Chen and Adrian Dumitrescu. Select with Groups of $3$ or $4$
Daniel Lokshtanov, Amer Mouawad, Fahad Panolan, M.S. Ramanujan and Saket Saurabh. Reconfiguration on sparse graphs
Arash Haddadan, Takehiro Ito, Amer E. Mouawad, Naomi Nishimura, Hirotaka Ono, Akira Suzuki and Youcef Tebbal. The complexity of dominating set reconfiguration
Jianer Chen and Chao Xu. Dealing With 4-Variables by Resolution: An Improved MaxSAT Algorithm
Christophe Crespelle, Tien-Nam Le, Kévin Perrot and Thi Ha Duong Phan. Linearity is Strictly More Powerful than Contiguity for Encoding Graphs
Takehiro Ito, Yota Otachi, Toshiki Saitoh, Hisayuki Satoh, Akira Suzuki, Kei Uchizawa, Ryuhei Uehara, Katsuhisa Yamanaka and Xiao Zhou. Competitive Diffusion on Weighted Graphs
Mark de Berg, Joachim Gudmundsson and Ali D. Mehrabi. Finding Pairwise Intersections Inside a Query Range
Chenglin Fan, Omtit Filtser, Matthew Katz, Tim Wylie and Binhai Zhu. On the Chain Pair Simplification Problem
Paweł Gawrychowski, Tomasz Kociumaka, Jakub Radoszewski, Wojciech Rytter and Tomasz Waleń. Fast Universal Reconstruction of a String
Fabian Stehn and Christian Knauer. lastic Geometric Shape Matching for Point Sets under Translations
Feodor Dragan and Arne Leitert. On the Minimum Eccentricity Shortest Path Problem
Yi-Jun Chang and Hsu-Chun Yen. A New Approach for Contact Graph Representations and Its Applications
Ahmad Biniaz, Anil Maheshwari, Michiel Smid and Subhas Nandy. An Optimal Algorithm for Plane Matchings in Multipartite Geometric Graphs
Eduard Eiben, Robert Ganian and Stefan Szeider. Solving Problems on Graphs of High Rank-Width
William Bird and Wendy Myrvold. Generation of Colourings and Distinguishing Colourings of Graphs
Mamadou Moustapha Kanté, Vincent Limouzy, Arnaud Mary, Lhouari Nourine and Takeaki Uno. Polynomial Delay Algorithm for Listing Minimal Edge Dominating sets in Graphs
Andreas Bärtschi and Fabrizio Grandoni. On Conflict-Free Multi-Coloring
Sayan Bandyapadhyay, Santanu Bhowmick and Kasturi Varadarajan. On the Approximability of Orthogonal Order Preserving Layout Adjustment
Philip Dasler and David Mount. On the Complexity of an Unregulated Traffic Crossing
David Eppstein, J. Michael Mccarthy and Brian Parrish. Rooted Cycle Bases
José A. Soto, Mohsen Rezapour, Zachary Friggstad and Mohammad R. Salavatipour. LP-based Approximation Algorithms for Facility Location in Buy-at-Bulk Network Design
Atsuki Nagao, Kazuhisa Seto and Junichi Teruyama. A Moderately Exponential Time Algorithm for $k$-IBDD Satisfiability
Falk Hüffner, Christian Komusiewicz and André Nichterlein. Editing Graphs into Few Cliques: Complexity, Approximation, and Kernelization Schemes
Fahad Panolan, Ramanujan M. S. and Saket Saurabh. On the Parameterized Complexity of Girth and Connectivity Problems on Linear Matroids
Varunkumar Jayapaul, Ian Munro, Venkatesh Raman and Srinivasa Rao Satti. Sorting and Selection with Equality Comparisons
Alexander Mäcker, Manuel Malatyali, Friedhelm Meyer Auf der Heide and Sören Riechers. Non-Preemptive Scheduling on Machines with Setup Times
Haitao Wang and Jingru Zhang. Computing the Center of Uncertain Points on Tree Networks
David Eppstein. The Parametric Closure Problem
Matias Korman, Wolfgang Mulzer, Andre van Renssen, Marcel Roeloffzen, Paul Seiferth and Yannik Stein. Time-Space Trade-offs for Triangulations and Voronoi Diagrams
Katsuhisa Yamanaka, Takashi Horiyama, David Kirkpatrick, Yota Otachi, Toshiki Saitoh, Ryuhei Uehara and Yushi Uno. Swapping Colored Tokens on Graphs
Boting Yang. Positive Semidefinite Zero Forcing: Complexity and Lower Bounds
Paz Carmi, Lilach Chaitman-Yerushalmi and Ohad Trabelsi. On the Bounded-Hop Range Assignment Problem
Md. Jawaherul Alam, David Eppstein, Michael Kaufmann, Stephen G. Kobourov, Sergey Pupyrev, André Schulz and Torsten Ueckerdt. Contact Graphs of Circular Arcs
Aaron Andrews and Haitao Wang. Minimizing the Aggregate Movements for Interval Coverage
Adam Karczmarz and Jakub Łącki. Fast and simple connectivity in graph timelines
Erik D. Demaine, Vineet Gopal and William Hasenplaugh. Cache-Oblivious Iterated Predecessor Queries via Range Coalescing
Manuel Mohr, Sebastian Buchwald and Ignaz Rutter. Optimal Shuffle Code with Permutation Instructions
Tsvi Kopelowitz, Seth Pettie and Ely Porat. Dynamic Set Intersection
Spyros Angelopoulos, Christoph Dürr, Shahin Kamali, Marc Renault and Adi Rosén. Online Bin Packing with Advice of Small Size
Michael B. Cohen, Brittany Terese Fasy, Gary Miller, Amir Nayyeri, Don Sheehy and Ameya Velingker. Approximating Nearest Neighbor Distances
Peter Eades, Seok-Hee Hong, Giuseppe Liotta, Naoki Katoh and Sheung-Hung Poon. Straight-line Drawability of a Planar Graph Plus an Edge
Parinya Chalermsook, Mayank Goswami, Kurt Mehlhorn, Laszlo Kozma and Thatchaphol Saranurak. Greedy Is an Almost Optimal Deque
Martin Farach-Colton, Tsan-Sheng Hsu, Meng Li and Meng-Tsung Tsai. Finding Articulation Points of Large Graphs in Linear Time
Md. Jawaherul Alam, William Evans, Stephen Kobourov, Sergey Pupyrev, Jackson Toeniskoetter and Torsten Ueckerdt. Contact Representations of Non-Planar Graphs
Erik D. Demaine, Tim Kaler, Aaron Sidford and Quanquan Liu. Polylogarithmic Fully Retroactive Priority Queues