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You'll find all of our CU-WISE events that take place throughout the year here so don't miss a thing! You can find more information about these events by clicking on them, and if you follow the 'more details' link, you'll also be able to see and download the poster that you would have seen in our newsletters.

We'll also be posting exciting events that are happening here at Carleton University or even in Ottawa (or farther) that are in the fields of science and engineering. The other thing that you'll find are deadlines for applications to opportunities listed so you don't miss a date.

Little trick: if you're just looking for certain types of events, click on the arrow beside 'Agenda' and you'll be able to pick the types of events.

hosting an event?

Have an event in the fields of science and engineering that you're hosting and want to share? Send us a message and we would love to talk to you.


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