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Intrusion Detection

Internet Weather Reports


  • Free Systems
  • Commercial Systems
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Denial of Service

Network Security

  • Network Scanning Tools
    • Nmap: Network Mapper is an open source utility for network exploration and security auditing. A great tool for stealthy OS fingerprinting.
    • SuperScan
    • enum: console based Win32 information enumeration utility. It uses null sessions to retrieve useful information like system lists, sharelists, passwords and LSA policies.
    • ELDump:dumps the NY event log from a system.
    • Nessus
    • Whisker: a CGI scanning tool for websites.
    • dnswalk: a dns database debugger that queries live systems with zone transfers.
    • Firewalk:: a reconnaissance tool that determines what layer 4 protocols will be passed through a IP forwarding device (firewall).
    • Cerberus Internet Scanner:
    • Aldebaran sniffer: Linux sniffer and network analyser.
    • Sniffer FAQ: good explanation of network sniffing.

  • Network Utilities
    • Trinux: a ram-based Linux distribution that boots from a single floppy or CD-ROM. It contains the latest security tools for packet sniffing, penetration testing, sniffer detection, OS fingerprinting, etc,.
    • Argus: a network audit record generation and utilization system. Argus is a real-time flow monitor designed to perform IP traffic auditing.
    • TCPwrappers
    • Netcat: dubbed the network swiss army knife for a reason. It has the ability to read and write data across network connections - a must for performing "back-end" communications between systems.

  • Password Crackers

  • Rootkits
    • T0rn
    • knark
    • Adore

  • Worms
    • Slammer Analysis

TCP/IP vulnerabilities and Exploits

Honey Pots

  • Free Systems
    • Deception Toolkit
    • HoneyD
    • LaBrea Tarpit

  • Projects
    • Honeynet

Computer Forensics

Operating System Security

Applied Cryptography

Incident Response

General Security Resources

  • Security Websites
    • Slashdot: There motto is 'News for Nerds. Stuff that Matters'. A great site with the latest breaking current world and technology news.
    • SecurityFocus:
    • Infosyssec: the security portal for information system security professionals.

  • Government Security Resources
    • Homeland Security
    • OCIPEP