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1      Start date: Jan 5, 2011.

2      Notes updated weekly.

COMP 4002 Winter 2011

Real-time 3D Game Engines

Wilf LaLonde
TA's (5270 Herzberg):  None
Assignment Drop Boxes:
Inside the only 3rd floor computer science teaching lab 3115 (2 floors down from the game lab).
Workshop: Thursday 6-9pm, Gaming Lab, 5th floor Herzberg.


Course Documents and Lecture Materials

Course Materials

Lecture Presentations

Lectures: Wed 6pm (3 hours) Room 213 Tory building.

Workshop:: Thursday 6pm (3 hours) Gaming Lab. THE PLACE TO START WORKING ON YOUR ASSIGNMENTS... So bring your laptops. Walk around and see what other students are doing... No actual lectures but we can look over your shoulder to help with doing the assignments; making sure you don't go off on a wrong tangent, help getting unstuck, even doing something outside the course.

Course Project

A complete C++ game engine and game with at least one NEAT feature per person (assuming the project is done). For the assignments, students are expected to work in teams of AT MOST 2 though it is BEST to work alone. Projects, however, must be done individually. See 4002.2011.Description.doc for more details...

Course Direction

Welcome... This course "Comp 4002: Real-time 3D Game Engines" is concerned with the development of game engines for real-time 3D games...

We are always revising course materials particularly just before lecture presentation times. So up-to-date materials are best obtained afterwards...


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