Anil Maheshwari 
(अनिल माहेश्वरी)
Professor & Graduate Director
Computational Geometry Lab
School of Computer Science
Carleton University
1125 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa,
ON, K1S 5B6,  Canada


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Algorithms Seminar Research Interests
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COMP 3801
Algorithms for
Data Sets

Fall 2018

COMP 3804
Design and Analysis
of Algorithms

Fall 2018


    See: DBLPMathSciNet,  ScholarScopus

    Text Book: 
Introduction to Theory of Computation

    Course Notes:  Topics in Algorithm Design

Upcoming Events:

    CALDAM 2019 (IIT Kharagpur)

    Indo-Italian School on Algorithms and Combinatorics (IIT Kharagpur)

Research Interests:

Design, analysis, and implementation of  algorithms:
My main interest is in all sorts of algorithmic problems in computational geometry and graph theory. I am interested in sequential, parallel, distributed, multi-core,  external memory, big and small data algorithms for problems which fit within the framework of the design and analysis of algorithms.  

Discrete Mathematics: All sorts of discrete math problems - problems in graph theory, combinatorics, building discrete structures, finding applications in other fields.

I am also interested in developing innovative ways to teach  Mathematics to School Age Children, especially designing material on the web. Also check this web-page for the seminars in our group and I am interested in most of these topics. Have a look into my publications and this will give some ideas on my research interests.

Students looking for a supervisor:
I am looking for Ph.D., Masters and Honors Students. Honors Project will typically be implementation oriented, unless the student comes up with an interesting topic along my research interests. Masters thesis will typically have a mix of theory and implementation in the broad area of design and analysis of algorithms. Ph.D. Thesis will have foundational theoretical work possibly supported by experimental studies. The research topics include parallel computation, computational geometry, graph algorithms, discrete mathematics, and problems that in general obey the framework of the design and analysis of discrete algorithms. (See the recent journals and conference proceedings, e.g., Jl. ACM, SIAM Jl. Computing, Algorithmica, Discrete and Computational Geometry,  CGTA, Proceedings of the  ACM-SIAM Symposium on Discrete Algorithms, Proceedings of Computational Geometry Conference, CCCGs). For list of my graduate students refer to my CV. The following requirements are essential if you want me to supervise: