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I. Ranking of Universities in China after merger

A. Listing of 18 Best Univ. directly under the State Education Commission:

1. Tsinghua Univ.
2. Peking Univ.
3. Zhejinag Univ.
4. Nanjing Univ.
5. Fudan Univ.
6. Xian Communications (Jiao-Tong) Univ.
7. Shanghai Communications Univ.
8. Nankai Univ.
9. Huazhong Univ. of Sci. & Tech.
10. Southeast Univ.
11. Dalian Univ. of Sci. & Tech.
12. Zhongshan Univ.
13. Tianjin Univ.
14. Sichaun Union (United) Univ.
15. Jilin Univ.
16. Chinese People's Univ.
17. Wuhan Univ.
18. Tongji Univ.

B. A Listing of 13 Best Chinese Univ. by US Science Magazine:

1. Peking Univ.
2. Nanjing Univ.
3. Chinese Univ. of Sci. & Tech.
4. Fudan Univ.
5. Tsinghua Univ.
6. Nankai Univ.
9. Wuhan Univ.
10. Jilin Univ.
11. Shanghai Medical Univ.
12. Zhejinag Univ.
13. Beijing Medical Univ.

C. A Listing by the Numbers of Academicians of Chinese Academia Sinica: (First 10 Chinese Univ.)

Peking Univ. (30)
Nanjing Univ.(17)
Tsinghua Univ.(16)
Fudan Univ.(11)
Chinese Univ. of Geology (8)
Chinese Univ. of Sci. & Tech.(7)
Nankai Univ.(7)
Shanghai Communications Univ.(6).
Jilin Univ.(6)
Chinese Univ. of Agriculture(6).

D. A Listing of Best 10 Chinese Univ. by the Numbers of the National Key Research Projects:

Peking Univ.(42)
Tsinghua Univ.(28)
Nanjing Univ.(18)
Fudan Univ.(16)
Chinese People's Univ.(14)
Shanghai Medical Univ.(13)
Xian Communications (Jiao-Tong) Univ.(12)
Chinese Univ. of Agriculture(12)
Nankai Univ.(11) Beijing Medical Univ.(11)

E. A Liting of Best 11 Scientific/Internationally-Known Lab. in China by US Sci. & Tech. Instutite:

Nanjing Univ.
Tsinghua Univ.
Xiamen Univ.
Zhejinag Univ.
Chinese Academia Sinica (7 of them).

F. A Listing of 9 Best Chinese Univ. by the Numbers of State Key Labs.:

Peking Univ.(15)
Fudan Univ.(10)
Nanjing Univ.(10)
Shanghai Communications Univ.(9)
Xian Communications Univ.(9)
Tianjin Univ.(7)
Ha-er-bin Indstrial Univ.(7)
Tsinghua Univ.(5)

G. A Listing of Chinese Best Univ. by the Numbers of Books in Library:

Beijing Univ.(4.3 million)
Sichuang Union Univ.(3.43 million)
Fudan Univ.(3.3 million)
Beijing Normal Univ.(3.04 million)
Chinese People's Univ.(2.86 million)
Zhongshan Univ.(2.57 million)
Tsinghua Univ.(2.52 million)
Wuhan Univ.(2.5 million)
Nankai Univ.(2.2 million)
Jilin Univ.(2.13 million)
Anhui Normal Univ.(2.1 million)
Shanghai Communications Univ.(2 million)
Northeastern Normal Univ.(2 million)
Shandong Univ.(2 million)