COMP3501 Fall 2019 - Hall of Fame

A sample of 7 of the 9 games that students developed this semester.

Metrix Hell Alien Appropriation
Metrix Hell by Weihang Chen, Kaiwen Mao, and Heqing Wang Alien Appropriation by Enzo Arenas, Ashton Woollard, Zachary Zucco
Florida Man Glacial Wings
Florida Man: Area 51 by Max Geiler, Shalin Lathigra, and David Nguyen Glacial Wings by Elijah MacDonald and Steven Thomas
League of Seas Norm the last tower defender
League of Seas by Keegan Koch, Yidong Wu, and Andrew Dionne Norm the last tower defender by Houssam Rahal
Operation Noland
Operation Noland (Remastered) by Tao Guo and Yaji Hu