COMP4501 Winter 2017 - Hall of Fame

A sample of 8 of the 12 games that students developed this semester.

Futurology thumbnail War for New Terra thumbnail
Futurology by Jater Xu War for New Terra by Ahmed Adnan, Danielle Gulliver, and Mitchell Hird
BPM - Beats per Minute thumbnail Beaconia Prime thumbnail
BPM - Beats per Minute by Yu Cheng, Tyler Main, and Matthew Mayer Beaconia Prime by Brett Jenken, Brandon Leigh-Bennett, and Steven Melnik
Affliction thumbnail Absolutely Barbaric thumbnail
Affliction by Nicholas Chiasson and Luke Harper Absolutely Barbaric by Maxwell Goad, Julian Hunt, and Joseph Lamb
ExtraTerraDom thumbnail Dulce Noctis Est thumbnail
ETD - ExtraTerraDom by Ryan Hamilton Dulce Noctis Est by Aurius Medalla