COMP4501 Winter 2018 - Hall of Fame

The 6 games that students developed this semester.

Shards of Roh thumbnail Arboles Peligrosas thumbnail
Shards of Roh by Christina Abramson, Nick Martino, and Alex Shulman Arboles Peligrosas by Ibrahim Helmy, Alexkumar Patel, and Alexandre Skipper
Frontier Guild thumbnail Islanders thumbnail
Frontier Guild by Julian Greppin, Brady Jessup, and Mohamad Kazma Islanders by Ernest Law, Noura Murad, and Tyler Tuttle
Forces Divided thumbnail The Last Rainforest thumbnail
Forces Divided by Jebreiel Akrouche, Forest Anderson, and Alex Dalrymple-Alford The Last Rainforest by Conrad Cameron and Abdulganiyu Yusufu