COMP4501 Winter 2019 - Hall of Fame

A sample of 11 games that students developed this semester.

Mana Wars thumbnail Furry Wars thumbnail
Mana Wars by Thomas Dickson and Madeline Hood Furry Wars by Walter Cheng and Jeremy Melone
Toy Wars thumbnail East Alfhiem Mining Company thumbnail
Toy Wars by Brian Ferch, James Fitzgerald, and Wilson Hodgson East Alfhiem Mining Company by Angus Toogood
Velocipocolypse thumbnail Mediocre Commander thumbnail
Velocipocolypse by Brian Cunningham, Thomas Migus, and Robert Tyrrell Mediocre Commander by Tao Guo, Jared Sherwood, and Alexander Wilson
Exodus thumbnail Roar of Steel thumbnail
Exodus by Catherine Daigle, Jacob Martin, and Peter MacDonald Roar of Steel by MengQi He, Yaji Hu, and Philip Yuen
Silence in the Snow thumbnail Medieval RTS thumbnail
Silence in the Snow by Liam Costello Medieval RTS by Alexander Sentsisen and Jacob Didiodato
Earth Invaders thumbnail
Earth Invaders by Kyle Causton