COMP 4109 (Winter 2004): Applied Cryptography - Class Outline

Last updated: Jan.6 2004, 9:30pm

The tentative plan for each week is listed below.
The actual content and timing will vary somewhat, depending on progress.
HAC ssN and chN refer to Section N and Chapter N of Handbook of Applied Cryptography.

Weeks 1 and 2: Stream Ciphers. Pseudorandom Bits and Sequences.
(Selected parts of: HAC ch6 and ch5.)

Week 3: Hash Functions. Message Authentication Codes (MACs). Data Integrity.
(Selected parts of HAC ch9.)

Week 4: Block Ciphers, including Modes of Operation.
(Selected parts of HAC ch7. Also AES.)

Week 5: Public-Key Cryptography: review of basic concepts, including Diffie-Hellman.
(Selected parts of: HAC ch1 and ch12.)

Week 6: Public-Key Encryption.
(Selected parts of HAC ch8.)

Week 7: Public-Key Digital Signatures.
(Selected parts of HAC ch11.)

Week 8: Public-Key Parameters (generation of).
(Selected parts of HAC ch4.)

Weeks 9-12: Identification, Entity Authentication, Key Establishment and Key Management.
(Selected parts of: HAC ch10, ch12, ch13.)