2005 Class outline and references (COMP 5407F)

Last updated: Dec.1, 2005 8:00am

Class outline - overview (tentative/subject to change):

Class 1-5: Countering password attacks: online, offline, phishing (related: identity theft, key loggers, pharming)
Class 6-7: Buffer overflows and memory exploits
Class 8-9: Computer viruses and Trojan horses
Class 10-12: Computer worms
Class 14: Test (in class)
Class 13, 15-16: Digital signatures and public-key infrastructure: practical issues
Class 17-18: Unsolicited bulk email (spam)
Class 19-23: Student presentations
Class 24: Software diversity

Class outline - details (updated as term progresses):
Notation (for background references):
"HAC ssN" denotes section N in Handbook of Applied Cryptography (Menezes, Van Oorschot, Vanstone, 1996).