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Updated: 2 Feb 2021
Calendar information: courses decriptions (undergrad, grad); graduate programs
Details of SCS undergrad & grad courses (with pointers to outlines and course pages): 2020-2021
Computer and Internet Security Stream (BCS Honours) list of courses and unofficial roadmap.
OCICS grad course timetable: 2020-2021

COMP 4108 (Computer Systems Security)
2020 Sept-Dec (Van Oorschot)
2020 Jan-Apr (Abdou)
2019 Sept-Dec (Abdou)
2019 Jan-Apr (Van Oorschot)
2018 Jan-Apr (Somayaji)
2017 Jan-Apr (Van Oorschot)
2016 Jan-Apr (Somayaji)
2015 Jan-Apr (F. Alaca)
2014 Jan-Apr (Van Oorschot)
2012 Sept-Dec (Van Oorschot)

COMP 4109 (Applied Cryptography)
Jan. 2004 (Van Oorschot + Somayaji)

COMP 5407 (Authentication and Software Security). Prof. P. Van Oorschot,
2019 (Jan-Apr)
2018 (Jan-Apr)
2017 (Jan-Apr), 2015, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2007, 2005, 2004
2003 (Sept-Dec)
2003 (Jan-Apr as COMP 5900W)

COMP 5900H (IoT Security/Internet of Things...Selected Topics in CS)
2020 Sept-Dec
(Van Oorschot)
2019 Sept-Dec
(Van Oorschot)

COMP 5900F (Computer Security and Usability)
2006 Sept-Dec (Van Oorschot)

Other Courses Related to Computer Security (partial list as of 2013)

COMP 5406 (Network Security and Cryptography).
2012 fall: see Prof. Adams (Univ. Ottawa, EECS).

COMP 5900F (Human-Computer Interaction for User Interface Design) Prof. Biddle - Carleton (Computer Science).
2012 fall, R 2:30-5:30. Joint with undergrad version COMP 4900F.

COMP 5900J (Operating System and Web Security) Prof. Somayaji - Carleton (Computer Science).
2012 fall, TR 10:00-11:30. Joint with undergrad version COMP 4900D.

COMP 5900V (Computer Security and Usability) Prof. Chiasson - Carleton (Computer Science).
2013 winter, M 8:30-11:30.

COMP 5900V (Intrusion Detection) Prof. Somayaji - Carleton (Computer Science). Jan-06.

COMP 5900V (Biological Approaches to Computer Security) Prof. Somayaji - Carleton (Computer Science). Jan-05.

MATH 3809 (Introduction to Number Theory and Cryptography) Sept. 2003 (Prof. Alaca - Carleton, Math & Stats)
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