Security courses by Van Oorschot + CS courses/calendar descriptions (Carleton University)

Roadmap for security-related SCS courses (undergrad).
Security Stream course list (BCS Honours).
Calendar descriptions (Carleton CS): undergrad courses, grad courses, grad programs.
Scheduled courses: 2023 winter OCICS (grad CS program, jointly run by Carleton/UofO).
Scheduled courses: 2023 winter SCS (undergrad + grad) with pointers to course outlines.

COMP 2109 (Introduction to Security and Privacy)
2023 (winter).
Prereqs: COMP 2401 (systems programming) + 1406 (intro CS 2, for Java familiarity)

COMP 4108 (Computer Systems Security)
2020 (fall). Previous versions.

COMP 4109 (Applied Cryptography) ... renumbered 3109, then (starting fall 2023) COMP 2108
2004 (fall).

COMP 5407 (Authentication and Software Security)
2022 (winter). Previous versions.

COMP 5900H (Internet of Things Security) ... now renumbered COMP 5119
2020 fall, 2019 fall

COMP 5900F (Computer Security and Usability) ... now renumbered COMP 5110
2006 fall

[Updated Apr 2023] fall = sept-dec, winter = jan-apr