Microsoft's MASM 6.14 is included in the masm32 package.

To get MASM 6.14, download from: (2.98 MB)

Unzip and run install.exe. It creates masm32 directory. The MASM files (ml.exe and ml.err) are in the masm32/bin directory.

Do NOT use the linker link.exe (32 bit) in the masm32/bin directory. Use the linker version 5.60 to generate 16-bit DOS applications. You can get this from (275 KB)

Execute lnk563.exe to extract link.exe file.

You need these three files (ml.exe, ml.err, and link.exe) to run the assembly programs. Copy these files into a directory and add it to your search path (i.e. modify your autoexec.bat file's SET PATH line by appending the directory path).


You can use MASM to assemble and link in a single step.

For example, to assemble and link ADDIGITS.ASM, use

ml addigits.asm io.obj

Ignore the END directive warning.

To assemble only (as in TASM), use /c option

ml /c addigits.asm

Then link using

link addigits io

Good luck!