Contact Information for Anil Somayaji

Carleton University

Zoom (office hours): 998 0269 7805
Discord: asomayaji#1800
Email: soma at
Phone: 613-521-4065
Twitter: @AnilSomayaji

Winter 2022 office hours: Mondays 2-3 and by appointment, via Zoom. Contact me via email, Teams, or Discord. (I am not normally on campus, so please contact me electronically.)

Secure Communications

I maintain a GNU Privacy Guard key for private email conversation: Here is its fingerprint:

   CF78 7A6C BD26 FAEB 2BA6  DE8C 01BA 5E97 3F9B 856E [expires: 2022-07-28]
    uid    Anil B. Somayaji <soma at>
You can also retrieve this key from any of the standard PGP key servers.

While I take reasonable precautions to keep this key secure, there is always a chance that it could be compromised, especially since I use it every day. Thus, if you are really concerned about securely communicating with me, let me know through this key set and we can make other arrangements.

Below are keys I have used in the past:

  0D31 8568 2C46 5608 BC7F  27C2 0D72 99F9 BC00 32E4 [expired: 2020-07-25]
  7C9B DCE9 50DA 3685 111D  9960 6AD0 98A5 AD43 281F [expired: 2018-07-25]
  CD4B 4991 A226 7DA1 26DE  643F CB6D 6919 D574 DE11 [expired: 2016-07-24]
  8892 A270 27E0 E17C E1C6  E347 BA26 1A98 8E61 791C [expired: 2013-06-26]
  BF06 D629 1707 7438 CD72  4390 3201 4D38 138D 249E [expired: 2008-07-25]
  BB7D 27D5 6EBE 9A56 5302  8DA8 5CEA 5712 6359 DD27 [revoked: 2008-06-27]
  6D 39 B9 6E 7E DA 59 9F   09 4B 1D 03 FE D7 1A 35  [revoked: 1999-10-24]
  73 52 A8 9F 1B C6 F2 52   C9 00 20 28 1F 31 BE DB  [revoked: 1999-10-24]

soma at
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