COMP 5307:   Knowledge Representation


News from the Instructor

April 5: Today's was the last lecture of the term..
April 4: Assignment 4 is here.
March 23: Assignment 3 is here.
March 05: Assignment 2 is here. Remember to explain the methodology you use.
Feb 14: Tomorrow I may arrive a few minutes late to the lecture, but I will arrive.
Feb 06: Here you can find links to download the reasoning systems we will use: SWI Prolog, DLV. Download Prolog now.
Jan 31: Tomorrow I may arrive a few minutes late to the lecture, but I will arrive.
Jan 27: Here is a zip file with assignment 1, inclusing the Latex source files.
Jan 27: Here you will find material on the classical logic reasoning system Otter. You have to use its successor, Prover9, that can be downloaded from here. An assignment to be solved with Prover9 is coming.
Jan 17: Midterms will take place in class on Feb. 27 and March 27.
Jan 17: For those who may need some knowledge of databases, here you will find a review of relational databases. You will benefit from the combined view of knowledge representation and data management.
Jan 09: Lecture slides have been posted, including some extra slides not shown in class. All of them have to be read (always).
Jan 05: Students will have to hand in written assignments, and they have to look professional (an aspect that will be considered in the mark). Accordingly, documents must be prepared with Latex, producing as output a document in PDF format that has to be submitted. Latex is the de facto standard for writing technical/scientific documents.
Latex can be run under Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. So, the first task is to download Latex and install it on your computer. It is free. I use MikTex on Windows, but there are alternatives. It is better to produce Latex documents and run them through an appropriate editor. A free one is Texmaker (there are others). I use WinEdt, which is not free (there is a trial version), but am very happy with it.
Start familiarizing yourself with Latex before you have to do the first assignment. Here you can find a Latex manual (there are many on-line).
A zip file containing a sample article with the style you will use for your reports/assignments can be found here.