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Name Year Present Position of Postdoctoral Fellow
Shah Asaduzzaman May-Dec 2010 Software Engineer at TeleNav, San Francisco Bay Area
Hamid Zarrabi-Zadeh September 2009-Novemeber 2011 Assistant Professor Sharif University of Technology
Sylvain Pitre March-June 2010 Mitacs Elevate Industrial Fellowship
Todd Eavis August 2003-June 2004 Asscociate Professor, Concordia University
David Wood 2002-2003 QEII Research Fellow and Professor, Monash, Australia
Aleksandrov, L., 1998-99 Senior Researcher Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria
Ghodsi, M., 1996-97 Professor Sharif University, Tehran, Iran
Bauernöppel, F. 1995 Co-founder: private company, Berlin, Germany
Maheshwari, A. 1994-96 Professor, Carleton U.

Graduate Students

In progress
Name Years Degree Research Area
Kuntal Ghosh Winter 2017- Ph.D. t.b.d.
Sha Wang Winter 2017- M.C.S. Project Topics in Analysis of Spoken Languages
Lee Croft Winter 2015- Ph.D. Privacy in Health Care
Arash Nouri Winter 2013- Ph.D. Variations on Shortet Paths Problems

Name Year Degree Title of Research Project Present Position
Amin Gheibi 2010-2015 Ph.D. Applications of Computational GIS Deloitte Canada
Lee Croft 2013-2015 M.C.S. Geographic Partitioning Techniques for the Anonymization of Health Care Data Ph.D. Student
Masoud T. Omran 2007-2014 Ph.D. Path Problems in GIS Technical Lead at Track24
Pear Bhuiyan 2011-2013 M.C.S. (course option) Project in GIS Ph.D. student i.p.
Kaveh Shabhaz 2007-2013 (incl. leave) Ph.D. Applied Similarity Problems Using Fre'chet Distance (c) Instructor, Algonquin College, Ottawa, Canada J2EE technical consultant, InfoTrellis
Rafal Zydowiczz 2008-2010 M.C.S. A Speech Recognition enabled Ambulance Call Report System for Paramedics Software Developer, Bridgewater Systems
Hua Guo 2002-2010 (incl. maternity leave) Ph.D. Shortest Paths Problems(c) Software Developer, Flightscape, Canada
Jiehua Yi 2004-2009 Ph.D. IMA Architecture and Design/Implementation of Geometric Applications Algoquin College (part-time faculty; GIS) GIS consultant for Esri Canada
Eric Gervais 2005 M.C.S. Context Map Agents (c) Software Designer, Dexterra through Greythorn
Hua Ye 2005 M.C.S. Parallel Conversion Algorithms in GIS (c) V.P., Merrill Lynch Canada
Bo Han 2004 M.C.S. Development of Systems for 3D Target/Organ Definitions and Contouring (c) Software Engineer, Cactus Commerce
Shuye Pu 2004 M.C.S. Fast Algorithms For Finding The Maximum Edge Cardinality Biclique In Convex Bipartite Graphs (c) Scientific Programmer, Centre for Computational Biology, Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto
Eric Torunski 2004 M.C.S. Volumetric Modeling Using a Generic Three-Dimensional Framework (c) Ph.D. student (U. of Ottawa) and part-time Professor (Algonquin College)
David Jackson 2004 M.C.S. Modified Crossover Operators for Protein Folding Simulation with Genetic Algorithms (c) Software Designer, Zantaz
Andras Frankel 2004 M.C.S. A Parallel Map Overlay Algorithm for Vector Data (c) System Programmer, Environment Canada, Montreal
Weiping Wang 2004 M.C.S. A Multidimensional Access Method: ... (c) Data Architect, Government of Canada
Chen Ji 2003 ISS Parallel Displacement in Maps (c) CCRS
Veronique Audet 2003 M.C.S. Automatic Seed Detection in On-Line Portal Images for Prostate Treatment (c) Applied and Clinical Researcher, Resonant Med. Inc. an Elektra Company
Zeh, N. 2002 Ph.D. I/O-Efficient Algorithms for Shortest Path Related Problem (c) Associate Professor and CRC II (Daltech)
Morison, J. 2002 Ph.D. Geometric Placement Problems (c) Assistant Professor, U. of Manitoba
Nussbaum, D. 2001 Ph.D. Parallel Spatial Modelling Associate Professor
Huan, H. 2001 M.C.S. Medical Computing Nortel
Morin, P. 2000 Ph.D. Routing in Geometric Graphs (c) Assistant Professor
Lanthier, M. 2000 Ph.D. Shortest Path Algorithms and Approximations (c) Assistant Professor
Hecker, C. 2000 M.C.S. Parallel GIS Nortel
Hutchinson, D. 1999 Ph.D. Parallel Algorithms in External Memory (c) Private Sector Company and Instructor
Jin, D. 1998 M.C.S. Load Balancing in Heterogeneous Systems Nortel
Morin, P. 1998 M.C.S. Applied Algorithmics Assocate Professor, Carleton
Farrag, L. 1998 M.C.S. Graph Partitioning Appl. (c) Nortel (exp.)
Zhengping, W. 1997 M.C.S. Parallel Simul. of Earthquakes Nortel
Qadri, N. 1997 M.C.S. Fire Modelling in parallel Object People
Lee, F. 1997 M.C.S. Parallel Ice-tracking (c) Canadian Ice Services
Roytenberg, D. 1996 M.C.S. Parallel GIS Applications Paradigm Group, Carleton U.
MacDonald, C. 1996 M.C.S. NodeView Computer Industry in Japan
Rafique, I. 1993 M.C.S. Asymptotic Algorithms ... (c) EDS, Oshawa
Valiveti, N. 1 1992 M.C.S. Analog Comp. Geom. (c) Statistics Canada
Epstein, P. 1992 M.C.S. Generating geom. objects ... consultant BNR; now USA
Knight, A. 1990 M.C.S. Implem. of C.G. Algo. CAD systems; now ObjectPeople
Nussbaum, D. 1988 M.C.S. Directional Separability Tydac, Theratronics, now Ph.D.