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Our first meet and greet of the academic year is here! Sept. 21 - don't miss it!

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Prof Lynn Marshall

Eng & Design

We couldn't be more excited to introduce to you our first Faculty Leading Lady, Prof Lynn Marshall. She needs no introduction around Carleton for all she does. She is one of a kind!

Prof Lynn Marshall Eng & Design


Vice President & Vice Chair Eng

What better way to start the year off than introducing your NEW CU-WISE VP! Earning this title, we are proud to have this #smartgirl helping lead the way!

Francesca Vice President & Vice Chair Eng

What is CU-WISE??

The Carleton University Women in Science and Engineering (CU-WISE) is a group of enthusiastic undergraduate and graduate students who encourage and support women to pursue an education or career in Science and Engineering.


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Everything from study guides to movie reviews, read our latest blogs. Starting new this year, we will also be sharing all poetry, short stories, art, photography, and more from our members.

Have something to share? Want to showcase your artistic talent? Send us your submissions!

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We strive to deliver as many outreach, social, study and mentorship programs as possible throughout the year. If you have any questions or comments or would like to help out, please do not hesitate to contact us through our Facebook page. We would love to talk to you.


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