Current Students

  1. Patrick Guo graduate (Master's)
  2. Ali Jahromi graduate (PhD; co-supervised)
  3. Nareen Khurshid graduate (Master's)
  4. Ghazaleh Shirvani graduate (PhD)
  5. Abdelrahman Soliman graduate (Master's)
  6. Hussaini Zubairu graduate (PhD; co-supervised)

Prospective Students

I am looking for prospective grad students. If you are seeking a Master's or PhD with me, please fill out this form. You will need a free Google (gmail) account to do this.

But before filling out the form, please ensure that you satisfy the admission requirements of the program (e.g., Computer Science under the Master's Programs or the Doctoral Programs) you are applying to. You should be able to find relevant information under each program, including deadlines and how to apply. If you are an international applicant, you will find useful resources in the International Students page of the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs (FGPA). For example, you can get an estimate for international students Cost and Fees to help financially plan your stay in Canada during your studies. Note that as of September 2020, international PhD students will pay domestic tuition rates.


  1. Ethan Thompson (Master's): May 2024.
    Thesis: Secure Delegation Over the Internet.
  2. Patrick Guo (Honours Project): Apr 2023
  3. Project: Analyzing Domain Group Registration as Mitigation for Phishing Attacks.

  4. Matthew Nitschke (Honours Project): Dec 2022
  5. Project: Differentiating DNS and HTTP traffic from DNS-Over-HTTPS.

  6. Devan Andersen (Honours Thesis): Apr 2022.
    Thesis: A New Approach to Censorship-Circumvention: Computing and Compiling Decentralized Censored Websites.
  7. Salah Al-Zabet (Honours Project): Apr 2022.
    Project: Environments of online hate and harassment---content based filtering.
  8. Ethan Thompson (Honours Project): Apr 2022.
    Project: Certificate Cross-Signing Analysis.
  9. Nareen Khurshid (Honours Project): Aug 2021.
    Project: Analyzing Game Security Software and System Behaviour.
  10. Tan Tran (Honours Project): Aug 2021.
    Project: Threshold Cryptosystem Scheme: Secure Delegation Through the Distribution of the Private Key Across Multiple CDN Servers.
  11. Ali Jahromi (Master's): May 2021.
    Thesis: Survey And Evaluation Of Secure-DNS Alternatives Through Passive Measurements.
  12. Christopher Bennett (Master's, co-supervised): Jan 2021.
    Thesis: Search Engines that Scan for Internet-connected Services: Classification and Empirical Study.
  13. Mohamad Cheaito (Honours Project): Dec 2020.
    Project: Browser Based Crypto-jacking Systems.
  14. Jegan Purushothaman (Honours Project): Dec 2020.
    Project: Study on Root Certificate Stores.
  15. Matthew Talbot (Honours Project): Dec 2020.
    Project: Creating a Stealthy Backdoor.
  16. Quinn Mcgarry (Honours Project): Aug 2020.
    Project: Understanding Vulnerability Remediation Obstacles of System Administrators.
  17. Farhoud Talebi (Honours Project): Aug 2020.
    Project: Pervasive Surveillance Tools.
  18. Sanjida Sanwar (Honours Project): Apr 2020.
    Project: Mitigating Online Password Attacks Using Password Simulation Software.
  19. Tyler Despatie (Honours Project): Dec 2019.
    Project: Internet Adoption of Proxy Certificates.
  20. Michele Roberti (Master's, University of Bologna, Italy): Mar 2019.
    Thesis: Scalable Location Verification for Internet Clients.
  21. Nicole Thurnherr (Master's, ETH Z├╝rich, Switzerland): Feb 2019.
    Thesis: Systematic Evaluation of Web Authentication Schemes.