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Carleton University Ottawa, Canada

I teach/taught the following courses:

  1. Winter 2024: Principles of Computer Networks (COMP3203).
  2. Fall 2023: Operating Systems (COMP3000), Internet Measurements and Security (COMP5500).
  3. Winter 2023: Principles of Computer Networks (COMP3203).
  4. Fall 2022: Computer Systems Security (COMP4108), Internet Measurements and Security (COMP5900).
  5. Winter 2022: Principles of Computer Networks (COMP3203).
  6. Fall 2021: Computer Systems Security (COMP4108), Internet Measurements and Security (COMP5900).
  7. Winter 2021: Computer Systems Security (COMP4108), Principles of Computer Networks (COMP3203).
  8. Fall 2020: Internet Measurements and Security (COMP5900).
  9. Winter 2020: Computer Systems Security (COMP4108), Internet Measurements and Security (COMP5900).
  10. Fall 2019: Computer Systems Security (COMP4108).
  11. Winter 2019: Internet Measurements and Security (COMP5900).

Previous Teaching Experience

Prior to joining Carleton as an Assistant Professor, I was involved in teaching various courses in several places, including:

  1. Information Security.
  2. Computer Organization (Assembly language).
  3. Foundations of Imperative Programming (C).
  4. Intro to Programming and Problem Solving (C++).
  5. 3D Computer Animation.
  6. Communication Theory.
  7. Introduction to Computer Programming (Visual Basic).
  8. Digital Logic Design.
  9. Digital System Design (in VHDL).
  10. Data Communication.
  11. Computer Networks.
  12. Advanced Networks.
  13. Structured Programming.
  14. Programming Applications.
  15. Object Oriented Programming (in Java).
  16. Visual Programming.
  17. Computing Algorithms.
  18. Algorithmic problem solving techniques (to ICPC teams).
  19. C and Algorithms courses (to IOI competitors).
  20. Analysis and Design of Computer Networks.