Current Projects

human modeling

Digital Human Modeling

We study the shape of the human body using 3-D anthropometric data and apply statistical shape analysis to characterize the space of the human shape. The goal is to discover patterns of shape variation for various applications such as ergonomic design, medical and biological research, security, and gaming and animation.

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Previous Projects

Model Completion

Camera Calibration

GPU-based Belief Propagation

Surface reconstruction

  • C. Shu and G. Roth, Free-From Surface reconstruction from multiple images, 4th International Conference on 3-D Digital Imaging and Modeling (3DIM’03), pp. 163-170, Banff, Alberta, Canada, October, 2003.
  • M. Fiala and C. Shu, Background Subtraction Using Self-Identifying Patterns, Second Canadian Conference on Computer and Robot Vision (CRV'05), pp. 558-565, 2005.
  • M. Fiala and C. Shu, “3D Model Creation using Self-identifying Marks and SIFT Keypoints,” IEEE Workshop on Haptic Audio Visual Environments and their Applications (HAVE'06), Ottawa, Ontario, Nov. 4 – 5, 2006.

Nearest neighbor search

Continuous surface tessellation

  • C. Shu. and P. Boulanger, Triangulating Trimmed NURBS Surfaces, Curve and Surface Design, Pierre-Jean Laurent, Paul Sablonniere and Larry L. Schumaker (eds.), pp. 381-388, Vanderbilt University Press, 2000.

Scanning path generation

Finite element analysis

  • J. Goldak, A. Artemev, N. Dai, D. Downey, F. Montoya, C. Shu, J. Zhou, A casting analysis environment for designers: integrating continuum mechanics, metal physics and software engineering, International Symposium on Computational Fluid Dynamics and Heat/Mass Transfer Modelling in the Metallurgical Industry, August 1996, Montreal, Canada.

Motion planning

  • C. Shu. and H. Buxton, Dynamic motion planning using a distributed representation,  Journal of Intelligent and Robotic Systems,  vol.14, no.3 pp. 241-261, 1995.
  • C. Shu. and H. Buxton, Parallel motion planning on the distributed array processors, Parallel Computing, vol.21, no. 11, pp. 1749-1767, 1995.

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