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Project Highlights
    - IP Address Lookup and Packet Classification

This research team has made significant contributions in the analysis and comparisons of existing algorithms, and in developing new IP address lookup and packet classification algorithms to address the issues and solve the problems raised or identified in the project proposals. So far, five technical reports have been produced, two materís projects have been completed, two research papers have been published in proceedings of IEEE conferences, two have been submitted to international conferences, one research paper has been submitted to IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking for possible publication, one masterís thesis has been successfully defended and one Ph.D. thesis has been completed. Major contributions made so far include: a. A new packet classification algorithm: Packet classification using independent sets; b. Two new IP address lookup algorithms: Fast IP address lookup using index table and IP address lookup based on comb extraction scheme; c. Extract and Analysis of IP address features for IP address lookup.

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