Mathematics of Information Technology and Complex Systems Complex Adaptive Networks for Computing and Communication (CANCCOM)


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  • Project Title: Complex Adaptive Networks for Computing and Communication (CANCCOM)
  • Short Project Description:

The unifying theme of the research is Self-Organizing Network (SON). SONs are characterized by self-configuration, self-service, self-knowledge, self-awareness and self-maintenance capabilities. Networks with strong self-organization capabilities include ad hoc networks and wireless sensor networks. Self-organizing features may also be present in infrastructure networks, such as mesh wireless access networks. SONs find applications in areas such as emergency communications, goods, vehicles or people tracking, remote surveillance and control systems, personal networking and vehicular communications. It is also a means to address the growing complexity of networks. The SON specific issues we address are: algorithms for wireless sensor networks, load distribution and balancing, performance, platforms for wireless networks, and secure wireless communications. In addition to the SON topic, the project includes a component on performance analysis of call centers.

This project is part of the Communication, Networks & Security Theme of MITACS. It brings together a team of computer scientists, computer and systems engineers, statisticians, mathematicians and industrial partners to drive a joint research effort to develop innovative approaches to problems of next generation networks. The research areas of this project are network design, network computing: algorithms and protocols and network security.

The CANCCOM project has been phased out as of March 2010.

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