Mathematics of Information Technology and Complex Systems Complex Adaptive Networks for Computing and Communication (CANCCOM)


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    - Mobile and Wireless Computing

     Authentication of Wireless Devices Using Radio Frequencey Fingerprinting

     1) Establishment of the Infrastructure (by October 31, 2003)
          - acquisition of additional units of Bluetooth and 802.11b devices

 2) Charaterization and Classification of Transceiverprint

Time Frame
1. Create different profiles using amplitude, phase and frequencey, as deemed
    appropriate for each transceiver.
2. Establish the degree of consistency and variance for a given make and

Deliverable: Profiles Document
Oct-Dec. 2003
3. Analyze current approaches and implement those which are appropriate

Deliverable: Analysis Document
Jan-March 2004
4. Endeavor to establish the DNA strand for a transceiver and test its accuracy using an appropriate classification tool.

Deliverable: Description of the DNA strand
Jan-March 2004

     3) Development and Simulation of New Authentication Protocol

Time Frame
5. Develop a genetic authentication protocol using RFF and analyze it for security vulnerabilities

Deliverable: Description of the Protocol
April-Sept. 2004
6. Implement protocol

Deliverable: Results of test cases
April-Sept. 2004
7. Simulate protocols in software for the time being.

Deliverable: Confirmation of results of test cases in activity 6
April-Sept. 2004

    Low Earth Orbiting (LEO) Satellite Communications Software

        - Protocol stack integration and its performance evaluation in user level (Oct 2003)
        - Software developement documentation (SDD) for each involving protocols (Nov 2003)
        - Invesitagation and implementation of protocol stack in kernel level (Dec 2003)

    Performance Evaluation of Service Discovery Strategies in Ad Hoc Networks (Dec. 2003.)


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