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    - Traffic Engineering for MPLS networks 

Led by Prof. Raj Srinivasan.

Traffic measurements will play a crucial role in bandwidth sizing in MPLS networks. As the MPLS seems to be the protocol of choice for engineering data traffic, there is a need for a methodology for sizing Label Switched Paths (LSPs). LSPs book bandwidth along their routes for their traffic. The amount of the booked bandwidth depends on the traffic offered to an LSP, its volume and the QoS requirements. The volume of traffic offered to an LSP has to be derived from traffic measurements. There are two basic questions that have to be answered to derive a measurement methodology. First is what and how to measure the traffic. The measurements have to provide information that is sufficient to measurement methodology. This requirement is usually better satisfied with more detailed and frequent measurements. However, taking measurements and storing them consumes networks resources such as bandwidth and storage. As network operators want to maximize the efficiency of their network, they want to maximize the payload, which means that other activities, such as measurements have to be done efficiently. An optimal solution would be a compromise between the two requirements. The second basic question is how to derive estimates of traffic volume from the measurements. The measurements provide samples of stochastic processes, which for the purpose of sizing LSPs, will have to be turned into estimates.


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