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    - Optical/IP Network Performance

Led by Prof. Ioannis Lambadaris.

In the area of routing in optical networks, we develop a modified BGP routing algorithm called Optical BGP (O-BGP) that establishes end-to-end lightpaths and performs wavelength assignment. Furthermore, the project has developed methods for computing blocking probabilities (i.e. non-availability of wavelength) for optical connections under different routing/wavelength allocation schemes. The research in optical networks continues in the areas of optimal wavelength allocation in a WDM optical network and scheduling algorithms for optical Resilient Packet Ring (RPR) networks. In the area of wavelength allocation, the objective is to determine a policy maximizing the weighted sum of users of all classes or minimizing the class-based blocking. In the area of resilient packet ring, we investigate how different classes of traffic in an optical ring can be assigned to different queues on board the ring and what scheduling disciplines have to be followed for serving the queues at different nodes so that delay and blocking is minimized. The problem is referred as source based queuing.

The research on IP network performance concentrates on congestion control algorithms in TCP/IP networks. We study the effect of a congestion control mechanism on IP, i.e. Explicit Congestion Notification (ECN), Backward Explicit Congestion Notification (BECN) and Multiple threshold ECN (MECN). We compare the performance of buffer management schemes for DiffServ assured forwarding Per Hop Behavior (PHB). We also work on the development of video multicasting transport protocols over IP networks. Our research efforts concentrate on approaches and methodologies that will enable QoS guarantees for video multicasting over the best-effort Internet architecture.


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