Lianying Zhao
Associate Professor
School of Computer Science, Carleton University

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Current Students

         Saeid Shirazi (Ph.D.)

         May (Jiazhang) Wang (Master's, Thesis)

         Matthew Nitschke (Master's, Thesis)

         Parsa Kootzari (Master's, Thesis)

         Hossein Asghari (Master's, Thesis)

         Kamran Dar (Master's, Thesis)

         Mohamed El-Halawani (Master's, Project)


         Ming Lei (Master's, Thesis, 2023)

         Emma Sewell (Master's, Thesis, 2023) co-supervised with Anil Somayaji

         Eduard Patlea (DSRI intern)

         Muhammad Shafayat Oshman (Master's, Thesis, 2022)

         Michael Shlega (I-CUREUS intern, 2021)

         Yusef Karim (Master's, Thesis, 2021)

         Adel Agha (I-CUREUS intern, 2021)

         Segun Odunade (Master's, Project, 2020)

         Zacchaeus Leung (I-CUREUS intern, 2020)

         Shubham Chander (Mitacs Accelerate intern, 2020)




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