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Before I list my graduate students, first of all, with regard to my home page, I would like to particularly mention Murali Thiyagarajah and T.K.Thyagaraj (TK). Murali was my Ph. D. student. Also, athough I was not TK's supervisor, he initally helped me get my Home Page organized and well formatted. Murali then took the pains to make the page look professional! I could never have done it so elegantly.

Over the years I have worked with many brilliant students. Many of them have been University Medal Winners and I have published papers with almost all of them. Every one of them has been directly instrumental to my achievements as a teacher and researcher. Indeed, these students can make any Professor look good. I want to record my gratitude to all of them.

I am especially proud of my Ph. D. students, Dr. Radha Valiveti, Dr. Daryl Graf, Dr. Murali Thiyagarajah, Dr. Messaouda Ouerd, Dr. Luis Rueda, Dr. Sudip Misra, Dr. Dragos Calitoiu, Dr. Denis Batalov, Dr. Khaled Hashem, Dr. Anis Yazidi, Dr. Geir Horn, Dr. Anu Thomas, Dr. Xuan Zhang, Dr. Spencer Polk and Dr. Abdol Shirvani who worked with me for many years. I have learnt many things from them, and they have been my close friends.

Many undergraduate students have worked with me. In the interest of brevity I am not mentioning them here individually - they are listed in my CV. But I would particularly like to mention Rob Cheetham and Mark Kloostermann who were also my close friends. I was especially privileged to have been Rob Cheetham's and Richard Loke's Supervisor. Richard won the Governor General's Medal at Carleton in June 1996 for being the University's Best Graduating Student.

My graduate students and their theses (and awards) are listed below.....

Ph.D. Thesis. R. Omslandseter. University of Agder, Norway (In Progress)
Applications of AI-based Partitioning

M.C.S. Thesis. A. Maheswari. (Summer 2020)
AI in Avoiding Traffic Jams

M.Sc Thesis. R. Omslandseter. University of Agder, Norway (Summer 2020)
Winner of University Best Thesis Award
New Object Partitioning Techniques

M.C.S. Thesis. A. Pagotto. (Summer 2020)
Novel LA-based Natural Language Processing

M.C.S. Thesis. T. Ghani. (Summer 2019)
ML Techniques for Medical Systems

M.C.S. Thesis. E. Bisong. (Fall 2018)
LA Solutions to Adaptive Data Structures

M.C.S. Thesis. O. Ghaleb. (Summer 2018)
AI Solutions to Elevator-like Problems

Ph. D. Thesis. A. Shirvani. (Winter 2018)
Intelligent Object Partitioning

M.C.S. Project. B. van Aert. (Fall 2017)
New Syntactic Techniques in Bioinformatics.

Ph. D. Thesis. A. Polk. (Summer 2016)
Enhancing AI-based Game Playing Using Adaptive Data Structures

M.C.S. Thesis. H. Villalpando. (TBD)
Object Partitioning in Non-Stationary Environments.
The student has temporarily withdrawn from the program for personal reasons. But the thesis has been progressing quite well.

M.C.S. Project. A. Taucer. (Summer 2015)
Game Playing with Imperfect and Incomplete Information

M.C.S. Thesis. H. Tavasoli. (Summer 2015)
Novel Classification Methods in Non-Stationary Environments

Ph. D. Thesis. X. Zhang. University of Agder, Norway (Summer 2015)
Advances in the Theory and Applications of Estimator-based Learning Automata

M.C.S. Thesis. T. McMahon. (Fall 2014)
Using Syntactic Pattern Recognition Strategies in Machine Translation

M.C.S. Thesis. N. Bell. (Summer 2014)
Enhanced Swarm Intelligence Strategies

M.C.S. Project. R. Al-Awwad. (Fall 2013)
Rating Systems in Two-player Games

Ph. D. Thesis. A. Thomas. (Winter 2013)
Anti-Bayesian Pattern Classification Using Order Statistics

Ph. D. Thesis. G. Horn. University of Oslo, Norway. (Summer 2012)
Learning Automata Solutions to Distributed and Parallel Computing Problems

Ph. D. Thesis. A. Yazidi. University of Agder, Norway (Winter 2012)
Learning Automata-based Strategies for Personalized Service Provisioning in Pervasive Environments

M.C.S. Thesis. J. Havelock. (Summer 2011)
Distance Estimation using Learning Automata

M.C.S. Thesis. J.-C. Petkovich. (Summer 2011)
A Fingerprint Indentification System

M.C.S. Thesis. P. Verkhogliad. (Summer 2011)
Learning Automata and the Commons Game

Ph. D. Thesis. C. Astudillo. (Winter 2011)
Data-Structure Constrained Self-Organizing Maps

M.C.S. Thesis. C. Bellinger. (Summer 2010)
Modelling and Classifying Stochastically Episodic Events

M.C.S. Thesis. R. Sakhravi. (Fall 2009)
Studies on the Commons Game

Ph. D. Thesis. E. Fayyoumi. (Fall 2008)
Winner of University Senate Medal
Novel Methods for Secure Statistical Databases.

M.C.S. Thesis. A. Stensby. University of Agder, Norway (Winter 2008)
Winner of University Senate Medal
Topic Detection and Tracking using Stochastic Learning Methods

Ph. D. Thesis. K. Hashem. (Winter 2007)
Learning Automata Based Intelligent Tutorial-like Systems

M.C.S. Thesis. J. Nilsen. Agder University College, Norway (Winter 2007)
Locating Discussion Board Users Using a Bayesian Analysis

Ph. D. Thesis. D. Calitoiu. (Fall 2006)
Winner of University Senate Medal
Chaotic Systems for Pattern Recognition and Brain Modelling

Ph. D. Thesis. D. Batalov. Fall 2006)
AEip: A Generalized Framework for the Study of Interactive Learning

M.C.S. Thesis. A. Kodaypak. (Fall 2006)
Adaptive Admission Control Policy for Web Caching

Ph. D. Thesis. G. Badr. (Winter 2006)
Winner of University Senate Medal
Tries for Data Retrieval and Pattern Recognition

Ph. D. Thesis. S. Misra. (Fall 2005)
Winner of University Best Ph.D. Thesis Award
Winner of University Governor General's Thesis Award
Network Applications of Learning Automata

M.C.S. Thesis. Y. Wu. (Fall 2005)
Learning Automata and the Prisoner's Dilemma Problem

M.C.S. Thesis. Md-R. Nassaji-Matin. (Summer 2005)
New Histogram Technologies for Routing Applications

M.C.S. Thesis. S. Myrer. Agder University College, Norway (Winter 2005)
Incremental Web Crawling using Learning Automata

M.C.S. Thesis. M. Olsen. Agder University College, Norway (Winter 2005)
Incremental Web Crawling using Learning Automata

M.C.S. Thesis. A. Amer. (Summer 2004)
Adaptive List Organizing Strategies for Non-Stationary Distributions

M.C.S. Thesis. Z. Wang. (Summer 2004)
Neural Network Methodologies for Forecasting Stock Prices

M.C.S. Thesis. A. Miles. (Winter 2004)
Automatic 3D Registration using Range and Colour Data

M.C.S. Thesis. J. Chen. (Winter 2003)
New Histogram Technologies for Databases

M.C.S. Thesis. A. Ellaithy. (Fall 2002)
Stochastic Searching and Optimal Search

Ph. D. Thesis. L. Rueda. (Winter 2002)
New Pattern Recognition and Data Compression Techniques

M.C.S. Thesis. J. Leung. (Winter 2002)
Image Processing Using Range Data

M.C.S. Thesis. A. A. Shaban. (Winter 2001)
Learning Automaton-based Image Retrieval

M.C.S. Thesis. Q. Wang. (Winter 2000)
Bootstrap Methods in Pattern Recognition

M.C.S. Thesis. M. Agache. (Winter 2000)
Estimator-based Learning Algorithms

Ph. D. Thesis. M. Ouerd. (Winter 2000)
Learning in Belief Networks

M.C.S. (Non-Thesis). L. Rueda. (Winter 1999)
Data Compression Techniques

Ph. D. Thesis. M. Thiyagarajah. (Winter 1999)
Attribute Cardinality Maps : New Query Result-Size Estimation Techniques for Database Systems

M.C.S. Thesis. J. Schwarz. (Winter 1998)
Pattern Classification in Imaging Spectrometry

Ph. D. Thesis. D. Graf. (Winter 1998) )
Winner of University Senate Medal
Control Theoretic Considerations in Neural Computing

M.C.S. Thesis. R. Krishnamurthy. (Winter 1998)
Region Separation and Color Tracing Techniques for Colored Raster Images

M.C.S. Thesis. D. Roberts. (Winter 1997)
Learning Automata Solutions to the Capacity Assignment Problem

M.C.S. Thesis. J. Dong. (Winter 1997)
Time Reversible Self-Organizing Sequential Search Algorithms

M.C.S. Thesis. Q. Zhu. (Summer 1996)
Optimal Search in Discrete and Continuous Spaces

M.C.S. Thesis. T. Nguyen. (Fall 1994)
Data Compression Techniques for Signal and Image Processing

M.C.S. Thesis. J. Zgierski. (Winter 1993)
Winner of University Senate Medal
On Stochastic Sorting

M.C.S. Thesis. S. Sum. (Fall 1992)
Estimating Mixture Distributions

M.C.S. Thesis. W. Lee. (Winter 1992)
Winner of University Senate Medal
Tree Editing Algorithms

Ph. D. Thesis (Systems Engineering). R. Valiveti. (Fall 1990)
Winner of University Best Ph.D. Thesis Award
Learning Algorithms for Data Retrieval and Storage

M.Sc. Thesis. J. K. Lanctôt. (Fall 1989)
Discrete Estimator Algorithms : A Mathematical Model of Machine Learning

M.C.S. Thesis. D. T. H. Ng. (Winter 1989)
Learning Systems, Adaptive Data Structures and Random Environments

M.C.S. Thesis. N. Andrade. (Fall 1987)
Some Learning Applications to Robotic Motion Problems

M.C.S. Thesis. D. Ma. (Winter 1986)
Object Partitioning by Using Learning Automata