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The High Performance Computing Virtual Laboratory (HPCVL) is a consortium of four universities located in Eastern Ontario (Carleton, Queen's, Royal Military College (RMC) and Ottawa), Ryerson in Toronto and the two colleges Seneca and Loyalist. The consortium was brought together by the need to obtain High Performance Computing (HPC) resources for their researchers to enable innovative and pioneering research across a broad spectrum of disciplines. The consortium is dedicated to providing a leading edge secure research environment, not only to HPCVL researchers, but also to selected researchers at other institutions from across Ontario. The total HPCVL budget is $127,000,000.

HPCVL was awarded significant grants by the federal government(CFI), the Government of Ontario, SUN Microsystems (as primary industrial partner), and IBM.

On September 25, 2000, the Carleton publication: This is Carleton' report on HPCVL's CFI award described the launch here.

HPCVL's computing resources are shared between all its members and are accessible by outside users through a user policy. If you would like an account please check out the User Accounts' Pages .