Comp 3804/Math 3804
Design and Analysis of Algorithms
An introduction to the design and analysis of algorithms. Topics include: divide-and-conquer, dynamic programming, linear programming, greedy algorithms, graph algorithms, NP-completeness.
Prerequisites: COMP 2002 or COMP 2402, and either COMP 2805 or both of MATH 2007 and MATH 2108, or equivalents. Lectures three hours a week.

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Comp 5204/4202
Computational Aspects of Geographic Information Systems
NOTE: Wed Fri Time: 08:35 - 09:55 Building: River Building Room: 1201
Data representations and their operations on raster and vector devices: e.g., quadtrees, grid files, digital elevation models, triangular irregular network models. Analysis and design of efficient algorithms for solving GIS problems: visibility queries, point location, facility location.
Prerequisite: A 3rd year course in Data Structures and Algorithms or the equivalent.

Through recent advances in technology such as navigation systems, mobile devices, changing user demands and new software such as Mapquest and Google Earth, the field of GIS is becoming increasingly important and also very interesting from a CS perspective. Many aspects of our daily lives are effected, the commercial impact/potential of GIS is tremendous, and novel algorithmic and applied problems need to be solved. This course lays the foundations to understand, use and further this technology.

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My students can access the Course Material via cuLearn.