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Hello! I am an associate professor in the School of Computer Science at Carleton University, in Ottawa, Canada. I am also Associate Director of the Carleton Computer Security Lab.


In Fall 2018 I am teaching Operating Systems (COMP 3000) and Distributed Operating Systems (COMP 4000/5102). In Winter 2019 I will be teaching Operating Systems again.

In the past I have taught Computer Systems Security (COMP 4108), Fundamentals of Web Applications (COMP 2406), and COMP 1501: Introduction to Computer Game Design. I have also taught graduate courses in Operating System and Web Security (Fall 2012), Biological Approaches to Computer Security (Winter 2012, Winter 2005), and Intrusion Detection (Winter 2011).


I am broadly interested in the areas of computer security, operating systems, artificial life, and complex adaptive systems. For more information on my research, please refer to these pages:

I also have been part of many program committees in the computer security space, including ACM CCS, ACSAC, NSPW, RAID, and USENIX Security.


I am currently formally advising the following graduate students:

I also work with many of the students associated with the CCSL.

Prospective Students: Currently I am not taking on any new graduate students. My apologies.

Contacting Me

My email address is at the bottom of this page - this is the best way to contact me.  My mailing address, phone number, and my GPG/PGP public key (to verify my emails or send me confidential information) are on this page.

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soma at scs.carleton.ca.
Last modified: December 30, 2018