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CU-WISE was re-established in 2007 and is Carleton University's official WiSE chapter. WiSE (Women in Science and Engineering) is a global movement that encourages women in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. This includes motivating young ladies to pursue STEM fields, as well as supporting the women currently in STEM fields.

Our Team

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Leading Ladies


Professor Lynn Marshall

We couldn't be more excited to introduce to you our first Faculty Leading Lady, Prof Lynn Marshall. She needs no introduction around Carleton for all she does. She is one of a kind! As a seasonal lecturer for the Facluty of Engineering and Design, Prof Marshall takes on over a thousand, and I literally mean well over a thousand students A SEMESTER!! When she is not organizing dozens of TAs and her thousand plus students, she dabbles in Formal Methods for Software Engineering (i.e., she uses a particular kind of mathematically based techniques to improve the reliability and robustness for the specification, development, and verification of software systems). Impressive eh! If you ever venture to the other side of the tracks, you may see and/or hear her on the pool deck as your Ravens Varsity Swim Coach! Like a true leader, she also competes as a Master Swimmer, and she is darn good at it too! In grade 12, Prof Marshall won the Manitoba Grade 12 Math Contest. When the paper printed her victory, the headline read: "Girl Wins Math Contest". This was a turning point for Prof Marshall and her academic career. We would like to think she proved that paper wrong for all that she has accomplished in her lifetime! So, thank you Manitoba for inspiring one of our favourites!

Professor Lynn Marshall
Dr. Winnie Ye


Doctor Winnie Ye

She just may be the definition of WISE! Dr Winnie Ye was awarded the IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE) Inspiring Member of the Year Award this past June! #yourock Not only does she make Carleton better as a faculty member for FED, she is also a WISE Alumni! #tooawesome Currently sitting as the Canada Research Chair (Tier II), and an Associate Professor for the Faulty of Engineering and Design, Dr Ye truly inspires us! When not inspiring WISE or WiE around campus, Dr Ye leads the IEEE WiE Ottawa Chapter as their Chair. She has surrounded herself with amazing #womeninSTEM, and is most definitely leaving a legacy. In her spare time, she does some pretty amazing work within electrical engineering and silicon photonics. If you haven't seen her work, we highly encourage you make the effort to see her speak next! She has come a long way since her first conference presentation in California, where she knew this was the path for her! We are so lucky to call her a mentor and even happier she is here at CU with us!


Doctor Onita Basu

Dr Onita D Basu is an Associate Professor & the Associate Chair (Graduate) for the Dept of Civil & Environmental Engineering. Her area of research involves water and wastewater treatment with a focus on methods to improve sustainability of the treatment process lowering chemical requirements improving life cycle durations. She takes this impressive work around the world as a collaborative interdisciplinary research topic, and has first-hand experience in what it takes to solve water issues in rural Tanzania. #howcool #worldtraveller #rockingresearch

To our surprise and delight, Dr Basu is part of the coaching staff for Carleton's Women's Competitive Ultimate Frisbee Club... we cannot believe we didn't know this! #goRavens When she finally leaves campus, Dr Basu puts on her mom hat and volunteers at her son's school (Hopewell). She says just a few times a year, but if you know her like we do... her few just may be a bit more than yours! Dr Basu also organizes and runs a book club focusing on Mindfulness, so if this is right up your alley, we can connect you! Education is part of who she is, and she wouldn't be WISE worthy if she didn't do just a little more like coaching engineering students for public presentations (i.e., 3MT competition, PEO engineering night) highlight reel here.

Dr Basu's inspiring moment along her academic journey (her YES moment) starts like any good story... with her dad, Dipak Basu civil engineer #lovethis. Being a science, math, and problem-solving lover the obvious choice was chemical engineer with a focus on process engineering #womeninSTEM. As a second year co-op student working for Shell Canada, on her very first day this #smartgirl and her dad drove up to the Caroline Gas Plant in Alberta. The massive cracking towers and separation facilities were all she needed to see to know process engineering was right for her. She loves it so much she asks you WISErs: who wouldn't want to work here! Dr Basu, we LOVE you! Keep inspiring, and if it is even possible... keep being inspired!

Dr. Onita Basu

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