MITACS International Focus Period
Advances in Network Analysis and its Applications

Scope: A major idea underpinning modern research is related to dynamic network analysis, whereby interacting communicating entities process, exchange and compute in order to attain optimal design goals. Applications can be found in all social, scientific and engineering areas: from wireless communication to network security, from co-operative and large scale computing to social networking, from financial analysis and risk assessment to cyber-warfare and understanding of war.
Network and Internet Economics
SFU at Harbor Center, Vancouver
(May 30- June 01)




Additional Events: The international focus period on advances in network analysis and its applications consists of a sequence of workshops (to be) held in British Columbia and Ontario in 2010-2011 on important aspects of networks, including Financial (Toronto), Security (Toronto), Social (Vancouver), Biological (Vancouver), Wireless (Ottawa), and Network Economics (Vancouver), as well as Lectures and Tutorials in the School of Computer Science at Carleton University.

Organizer: Evangelos Kranakis